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Circle information:

Hello and thanks for visiting this site!

Gram:folia is a doujin circle based in Australia specialising in doujin arranges, remixes and original drum and bass music. While not all releases are drum and bass music, a bit motivation for the circle's activities is bringing drum and bass production techniques to the world of doujin music. There are two albums of touhou arranges and a number of unofficial remixes published on this site.

Re-issues of music published prior to 2018 under the former circle name 'Audio Serrata' are available for download here with updated information and album art.

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Es / Serrata

Featured guest artists:


Copyright/Intellectual property information:

You are welcome to re-upload samples of individual covers/arranges/images to other sites (such as youtube etc.) provided as appropriate credit is given where possible and practical. I would appreciate if you send a link to if you do. Please keep in mind that some remixes on this site are unofficial/bootleg remixes so re-uploading them may attract unwanted attention/copyright complaints from the original rights-holders.

Please do not re-upload any gram:folia publications in their entirety for download elsewhere without asking. This is so I can fix/update any problems and retract things if I need to for copyright reasons. Music published through this circle is typically available for free-download anyway so I typically interpret the re-uploading of albums either as attention seeking or attempting to generate ad revenue and will take you off my Christmas card list.

I'm aware that it can be very difficult for users in mainland China to access Google Drive hosted downloads and other major file-sharing platforms. If anyone is interested in creating downloads that are accessible to mainland China user you are welcome to, but please just send me a message beforehand and I will organise to link them on this site once they are online.

Note on commercial music releases:

This site contains links to music signed to independant record labels, in which case they typically own the exclusive rights to the sale and distribution of the song files. While links on this site direct to 'Beatport', these songs can be found on a wide variety of sales platforms and streaming services.

Free copies of these songs are generally unavailable, with limited, discretionary exceptions made for promotional copies offered to DJs for radio, podcasts and live events upon request.

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